I was born in 1968 and live in Edinburgh. My interest in photography started early when I was given a Box Brownie at the age of 8. I then moved through a range of cameras, obtaining modest results until the purchase of a second-hand Canon EOS film camera prior to visiting South Africa in 1998.

My life-long interest in wildlife and landscapes developed in earnest from this point onwards, and after taking night classes at Stevenson College for three years, where the black and white self-developed images ranged from portraiture to landscapes, I went on a short trip to photograph European brown bears in the wild in Finland in 2007.

Following on from that, I made my first visit to polar regions with a trip to Spitsbergen in 2008.

"Nothing prepares you for the first time you see a polar bear in its natural environment. We had searched for six days, and just as a storm was approaching, found one resting nonchalantly on the ice. In the flat light, it was beautifully camouflaged, apparently completely unperturbed by our presence, and only its eyes and nose marked it out from the irregular contours of the surrounding ice."

Having been bitten by the polar bug, I made the longer trip to Antarctica via the Falkland Islands and South Georgia Island in 2010, followed by a visit to Eastern Greenland. A trip to the Russian Arctic took place in 2011, followed by a photographic journey around Alaska in 2012, a return to Alaska in 2013 to photograph polar bears and the northern lights and finally a trip to Canada in 2014 to photograph narwhal and polar bears, in so doing completing the Full Arctic Circle of polar countries.

In the autumn of 2010, I entered my first photographic competition and 5 of my pictures were short-listed for the Scottish Seabird Centre Photography Competition. My shot of Arctic Cottongrass, taken in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, was the winner of the World Flora section, and part of the prize was a trip on to the Bass Rock to photograph nesting gannets.

Aside from the more extreme regions of the world, I gain every bit as much pleasure from my more localised surroundings. The British Isles, and particularly Scotland are renowned for their beauty and diversity, and whether landscapes, cityscapes or wildlife, my camera is rarely far from my hands.

Alex Adam