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These are excellent Alex! Your hard-work has paid off they are so vibrant and original. Well done!
Vaido Otsar(non-registered)
Beautiful photos of West Greenland! It was interesting to browse them, as I made this trip with Rembrandt van Rijn about a month ago.
I wish you great trips in the future!
Alex, you have a good sight and go to amazing places. Well done, the photos tell stories of places I may never visit. Thank you for that.
Awesome ++
New Zealand brought back good memories of my trip out there.
Very impressed with the collections of other counties you've been to and fired me up to want to bite the bullet and tick a few more of my own boxes.
Well Done Alex and thanks for sharing.
Amazing photos, congratulations Alex! Sheer natural beauty... The polar bear pictures in particular are awesome... C'est vraiment magnifique!
Anna Kilpatrick(non-registered)
AMAZING photos Alex. What a talent, you've obviously got a real gift for photogrsphy. Seriously impressive x
David Rawcliffe(non-registered)
The Alaskan photographs bring back memories ...
but you saw more that we did !!!
Wow .... Polar Bears !!!
Pat Ayris(non-registered)
Absolutely stunning photos Alex.!
Awesome photographs chum! x
Jim Ramsay(non-registered)
Great meeting you today Alex!
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