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The Gask Ridge frontier was formed by a string of Roman watchtowers interlinked along an alluvial ridge southwest from Bertha (Perth) to Glenbank, more or less parallel to the A9. These were built in the AD 70s-80s, some 40 years before Hadrian's Wall and 60 years before the Antonine Wall.
On a warm summer's day, it was a pleasure to become a Roman soldier and walk along part of it to two of the watchtower sites, Muir O'Fauld and Kirkhill, and towards a third, Ardnuie. All around was tranquil apart from birdsong, and the forest avenues were thronging with butterflies - one orange-tipped, but mainly green-veined whites and peacocks. Other than the birds, butterflies and assorted insects, the only other wildlife present on this warm afternoon/evening was a roe deer which leapt off through the trees.
Being a Roman soldier in such conditions was no hardship; perhaps another matter in the height of winter.

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