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Created 21-Sep-15
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With the full Arctic polar circle having been completed last year, and although I had visited East Greenland in 2010, I still had the urge to see West Greenland. We flew from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq within the Arctic Circle, and thence up to Aasiaat where we joined the small schooner "Rembrandt van Rijn" on which I sailed round the Scottish Islands in 2012. Autumn was well underway with the first signs of winter already appearing.
Aasiaat HarbourMinke whale skeleton, Aasiaat HarbourArctic Mouse-Ear Chickweed, AasiaatAasiaat HarbourFisherman, AasiaatAasiaat MuseumAasiaat MuseumFeeding Humpback Whale in Aasiaat BayFour in a row, Aasiaat BayDiving Humpback Whale, Aasiaat BayHumpback and Fin Whale Synchronisation, Aasiaat BayA brace of Fin Whales, Aasiaat BayFin Whale, Aasiaat BaySunset, Aasiaat BayFulmar at sunset, Aasiaat BayMoon and Iceberg, Disko BayMorning Light, Disko BayWave breaking over iceberg, Disko BayIcebergs in Torssukaataq fjord, from Oqaitsut IslandArctic Harebells, Oqaitsut Island

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