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Created 7-Apr-19
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For those unfamiliar with emojis, they are little cartoons that you can attach to e-mails or texts which represent various life experiences, people or everyday objects. On reading that the latest craze is for people to imitate these in photographs, on Friday I e-mailed the other 7 first cousins to challenge them to submit up to 3 photos for each contender. Children and parents could join in too. Deadline was today (Sunday 7th) at 8pm BST.

Two of the cousins weren't able to join in, but here are the others, with their emoji, added in alphabetical emoji order.

Those who wish have until 8pm tomorrow evening (Monday 8th) to vote on their winner. I've still not decided WHAT the prize will be, but there will be a prize, probably tailored to the winning person (e.g. probably not beer for Robin, etc.!).

Please e-mail your vote (one per person, including children and parents) to [email protected] Don't copy anyone else in and I'll post the results when I announce the winner.

Lots of love and thanks for taking part,

Alex xxx

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