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Created 9-Jun-13
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Nesting Common Guillemots, Staple IslandCommon Guillemots, Staple IslandCommon Guillemot, Staple IslandAtlantic Puffins, Staple IslandAtlantic Puffin, Staple IslandCommon Seals, Staple IslandCommon Seal, Staple IslandCommon Guillemots, Staple IslandAtlantic Puffins, Staple IslandNesting seabirds, Staple IslandSea Campion, Staple IslandAtlantic Puffin, Staple IslandAtlantic Puffin, Staple IslandAtlantic Puffins, Staple IslandRock Pipit, Staple IslandShag, Staple IslandRocks, Staple IslandLooking to the Northumberland Coast from Staple IslandShag, Staple IslandKittiwakes, Staple Island

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