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Created 7-May-16
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A friend and I who hadn't seen each other for many years decided to visit Lindisfarne for our reunion. It is perhaps not as wild as some of my more far-flung destinations, although I suspect it can have its moments. For us, however, the conditions couldn't have been finer.
Lindisfarne CastleLindisfarne CastleBoats in Lindisfarne BayLindisfarne CastleFemale orange-tip butterfly with daisies, LindisfarneLindisfarne CastleMale Kestrel, LindisfarneMale Kestrel, LindisfarneMale Kestrel, LindisfarneMale Kestrel, LindisfarneCloud reflections by Lindisfarne CastleCairns, LindisfarneClouds over Northumberland mainlandLindisfarne Castle with boatLindisfarne Priory and townLindisfarne Priory and TownSea Campion, LindisfarneWar Memorial and Lindisfarne CastleLindisfarne PriorySt Cuthbert's Island (Hobthrush), Lindisfarne

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