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Created 4-May-15
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My first visit to The Shetland Isles was three years ago with a short stop-off on the beautiful Fair Isle, which is more or less halfway between The Orkney Isles and the main Shetland Isles. Had I never returned to this group of islands, I would have been left with lovely memories of those three short hours, but I was glad to add to those memories during this trip.
Sunset from the Mainland, Shetland - 17.4.15Sunset from the Mainland, Shetland2 - 17.4.15Looking south near Heglibister, Shetland - 18.4.15Graveyard near Heglibister, Shetland - 18.4.15Shetland Pony near Aith, Shetland - 18.4.15Pregnant Shetland Mare near Aith, Shetland - 18.4.15Looking North in "The Shetland Alps", Shetland - 18.4.15"The Shetland Alps", Shetland - 18.4.15Voe, Shetland - 18.4.15The North Sea, Mavis Grind, Shetland - 18.4.15Cormorant, Mavis Grind, Shetland - 18.4.15The North Sea, Mavis Grind2, Shetland - 18.4.15Volcanic Rock, Mavis Grind, Shetland - 18.4.15The Atlantic Ocean, Mavis Grind, Shetland - 18.4.15Volcanic Rock, north of Mavis Grind, Shetland - 18.4.15Cairn overlooking St Magnus Bay, Mainland Shetland2 - 18.4.15St Magnus Bay, Mainland Shetland2 - 18.4.15St Magnus Bay, Mainland Shetland3 - 18.4.15Hillswick, Mainland Shetland - 18.4.15Dore Holm, Mainland Shetland - 18.4.15

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