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Created 16-Jan-16
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Short-eared owls are the largest indigenous and the most diurnal species of owl in the United Kingdom. They are also found on every continent except Australasia and Antarctica.

A couple of weeks ago, I was on a non-photographic mission in East Lothian and found myself in the midst of coastal scrub with three short-eared owls flying around me. It was a perfect day for photography and I rued that the camera wasn't with me, so resolved to return. The opportunity to return today wasn't ideal. The light was horribly flat and snow was forecast, but I felt that I might just get enough contrast between these magnificent owls and the bushes they fly along in search of their prey. On the return to my car, I found a little bonus by way of a female kestrel posing on top of a tree, but the light had almost gone by then.

Here's what I shot.

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