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Created 5-Feb-18
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My ticket to New Zealand in 2002/03 necessitated returning via a different route from the outward journey (through Singapore). Thus it was that I decided to travel home via Canada, although an outbreak of SARS in Canada meant that tourist numbers were significantly down (the outbreak was confined to a small area of Toronto).

Initially I hired a car and drove halfway up British Columbia to Prince George, round to Kamloops, then back down to Vancouver. From there, I caught a train up to Jasper, then spent a week on a bus tour through The Rockies. They are one of the most alluring areas of Canada to visit and I was not disappointed. Finally, I flew to stay with friends in Toronto.
River Lillooet, British ColumbiaNairn Falls, British ColumbiaNairn Falls, British ColumbiaNairn Falls, British ColumbiaScree above Lake Seton, British ColumbiaLower Joffre Lake, British ColumbiaLower Joffre Lake, British ColumbiaDuffey Lake, British ColumbiaMarmot, Barkerville, British ColumbiaRiver, Barkerville, British ColumbiaThere be bears!  Barkerville, British ColumbiaNear Bowden Lake, British ColumbiaWild Grass near Williams Lake, British ColumbiaGrey Squirrel, Scout Lake, British ColumbiaWood Thrush, Scout Lake, British ColumbiaCedar Waxwing, Scout Lake, British ColumbiaTrack alongside Lake Purdey, British ColumbiaKamloops Lake, British ColumbiaBow Lake, AlbertaJasper, Pyramid Mountain and Athabasca River, Alberta

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